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This application supports the entry and tracking of survey information relating to the health care utilization and service.

The time is 02:58 PM on September 25, 2020.

Please Note: 2019 was not a leap year and reported data should account for 365 days.

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For KY Health Survey program support, please contact:

Cabinet for Health and Family Services
275 East Main St. 4 WE
Frankfort KY 40621

Contacts for survey.
SurveyContactPhone #eMail Address
Ambulatory Surgery IIElizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 x
Chemical DependencyElizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 X
Home Health IIElizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 x
HospiceElizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 x
HospitalElizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 x
Long Term CareElizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 x
Megavoltage Radiation (Linear Accelerator) Elizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 x
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Elizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 x
Private Duty NursingElizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 x
Positron Emission Tomography Elizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 x
Psychiatric Residential Treatment FacilityElizabeth Tutt(502) 564-7940 x
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